Get Fit And Lose Weight With Sydney's Leading Personal Trainers in western Sydney

Looking for a personal trainer or fitness bootcamp in the Hills District of Sydney or Blacktown area? Then Shred Fitness is here for you! We're dedicated to providing health and fitness solutions for those ready to make a change, and reach their fitness goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, build muscle or improve your overall fitness then we have the program for you.

For the athlete

Looking at taking your game to the next level and dominating the field as an elite athlete? Joining Shred Fitness gives you access to second to none programming and coaching that is proven to help you achieve reach peak performance. Yannick Mifsud is a qualified strength and conditioning coach that has competed at the highest levels of his sport and knows what it takes to train effectively. With tailored routines and structured programming we can help you become, fitter faster and stronger so you can out run, out muscle, out jump and out skill your opposition.
Before and after result of the fitness program

Weight loss

Looking to lose weight quickly and safely? Then the ShredQuarters is for you too! We run group fitness classes every morning and evening that are designed to help your burn calories, burn fat, and build muscle while getting fitter than you’ve ever been. We have been helping members reach awesome results at our boot camp for years and now take an even more advanced approach to how we operate so you can train rain, hail or shine.

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