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Your Trusted Strength, Conditioning & Weightlifting Facility In Blacktown

Shred Fitness is a modern gym facility located in Blacktown, Sydney, which provides a range of professional fitness and personal training services. We specialise in group fitness, weightlifting, powerlifting, weight loss, muscle gain and the enhancement of overall athletic performance. Come and visit our new “ShredQuarters” today located in 3/76 Sunnyholt Road, Blacktown.


Our workout of the day is an amazing workout that is periodically programmed and designed to improve our Strength, Fitness, Flexibility and athleticism while burning fat, increasing muscle and improving our overall health and well being.

We periodically test our progress so that you can see the results that you are working hard for!

The classes run on an amazing atmosphere and community that makes all our members love because they feel at home while they enjoying their daily exercise.
Our coaches are always available to provide, support, programming and ongoing advice to help you reach your fitness goals no matter what they are!


Shred Fitness is an approved and registered weightlifting club with NSW weightlifting, Our barbell class gives you access to the sport of weightlifting and is open to all levels of experience and ability, whether you have never held a barbell before or whether your ready to compete our, coaches and programming is going to give you the edge.

Learn, develop and strengthen through the movements of the snatch and clean and jerk. Two movements that are a real test of strength, coordination, speed and flexibility,
Weightlifting is a sport that everybody loves once they get the taste of it.

Personal Training

Are you looking for a little more of a personal feel to your fitness journey? Do you have specific goals be it sport specific, weight loss or general health and fitness our 1 on 1 coaching gives you the advantage of our coaches specifically programming for your needs and pushing you each session to ensure your doing what you need to get results.

All of our coaches have loads of experience and have helped 100s of clients reach their health and fitness goals and we are ready to help you tackle yours!

If one on one training is what you looking for look no further and book in your obligation free consultation with us today and see what we can do for you!

Mumz and bubz

Our mums and bubs is perfect for new mums ready to get active again and lose that pregnancy weight and get back your pre-pregnancy body and better! Children of any age are welcome to join their mums while our coaches take you through a challenging exercise program both challenging you and incorporating your little bub at times so they always feel involved.

This class has been an absolute hit with all our mums and have achieved some amazing results through this class, so if you’re a mum and you want to look and feel your best again look no further than Shred Fitness Mums and bubs!

Sign up today and START your Shred Fitness Journey!!

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